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A day early...

Well, it's better than being a day late. But really, just couldn't remember how to upload images!

FH 1. I think they are quite aesthetic. I once told John Golding that art without meaning was not art. I think he ultimately agreed with me, but remained a little coy, Saying, 'That's very interesting.' The reorienting of the original image, plus the 'obliteration in the palimpsest process makes for a difficult reading. Here, for example, the fan-covered background is an advert for a gay club called Babylon. Only those in the know could view it as a clue. Perhaps. But it could also be an oblique reference to a riverside gallery in Ely, couldn't it?

The biggest difficulty is the appearance of the pop stars or their band. I like them to be partially still 'recoverable.' The nostalgia of the work revolves around a fairly redundant technology, and most of the records are ones from my era. I could have been far more systematic, trying to locate specific tunes that meant something to me in the charity shops I scoured, but the serendipity of the images appealed to me too. Masking the faces is an appropriate strategy in the face of the current disease., though the hiding of the protagonists recalls the secrecy of gay clubbing in the past. The spaces were safer, but another pandemic lurked behind the gay glance.

I am not going to say what each track is, but people are welcome to guess. The previous 70 will not appear here, nor the 10 left over which I am now experimenting with, using spray-paint to partially erase the cover image. This set have a different effect when isolated as opposed to be a tessellated sequence. But I may 'analyse' some more tropes as I go along. We'll have to see!

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